Back on track

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of engagement on the site, I just thought, i should let i go, but I just couldn’t delete this site, and the thought that you, my followers, actually wanna read whats going on.

So i can start by telling that I’ve finished the pilot “Exitium” and at the moment it’s in post-production, and hopefully some danish channel will buy it, so that we can produce more episodes.  It’s basically a post apocalyptic series, maybe its a little like how would the world look like, if we had a third world war..

I’m also a stylist at hvisk, so if you like to see some of my stylings, you can click this link and you can either follow or just watch my stylings…

I will do my best to keep you updater about my life and theater stuff. You can always ask me questions if you got any.

Hvisk jewellery

Hvisk jewellery

Halloween is coming

Halloween party at school

Halloween party at school, picture taken by Jonathan Segev Jørgensen. Copying and/or publishing is NOT allowed.

This Friday we had a Halloween party at our school, can’t tell you how great it is, to have friends, who loves dressing up! I actually came to this party with no make-up, but I was met with “ohh”, “why” and “please” looks, so I had to do something a bit Halloween-istic. So I made something, maybe a spiders web, I’m still not sure, and blended in.

i’ll get answers about the audition I went to, soon.



Theaterbattle – Teaterbattle

Okay, we have this concept in Copenhagen called Teaterbattle. It’s a competition for youngsters, who just love theater. It’s a big competition, where maximum 40 groups can attend, each have 10 minutes, to make a play/show, before the judges and the audience (the other contestants and people who would just like to watch). The panel was a professional actor, the director at a known theater in Denmark (Mungo Park) and the headmaster of the acting schools in CPH. Besides the honor of the first price, there are also different categories one can be nominated in, eg. Best acting, best text, best concept and so on.. I attended with some girls from my school, and in one week, we actually accomplished to have a little show, about egoism and what it does to people. I have listed some pictures below. Hope you like it! We didn’t win anything, but was nominated in the category: best esthetics. So everything in comparison with the other groups, whom (most of them) had used several weeks/months.

audition to Studenterrevyen (the students revue) coming up, crossing my fingers!

My fingers are crossed



Bye bye Berlin!

Apparently I love Berlin! Went there with my school (skuespillerakademiet – the academy of acting) and had such a great time. I shared a room with one of my classmates, and then some other great people from my school, who I didn’t know that we’ll before going to Berlin. The first day, when we arrived, we went to the theater to watch Romeo and Juliet (IN GERMAN!) I was amazed, their esthetic was soooo fascinating, even though, I sometimes had a hard time understanding the dialogue. The next day, we went to the Kriminal Theater at night (see picture below)

In front of the Kriminal Theater

But before going there, I spend the day with some lovely people, going to the top of the TV TOWER, visiting Friedrichshain, walking along the water at friedrichstasse and so on. Such a great day.

Relaxing in the sun

We also went on a tour on the Berliner ensemble, the former theater of Bertolt Brecht – a playwriter whose work I absolutely love! We had Linklater technique (speak) and we went to our ‘sister-school’ named Reduta in Berlin, and got to work with the Grotowski technique (wow, I was soooo tired afterwards, kudos to the people working like this every day!). We also visited the Maxim Gorki theater, where we watched the show ‘On Fire’ a dance show, filled with dilemmas depending on color. Great experience, after that, we stayed at the theater and partied with the dancers, since it was their premiere night. We danced all night and had fun along with the dancers, us showing off our moves, and seeing them move off stage. Last night we went to a club named Cassiopeia and suddenly all the dancers from the day before (from maxim Gorki) came to the club, and we fired up the dance floor! Here at the end, I’m gonna share some photos of my staying in Berlin.  See you soon Berlin! – hopefully.

Infront of the Maxim Gorki


The pictures above is taken infront of the Maxim Gorki Theater, and down under some pictures taken at the Jewish monument.


Fun iat the monument

Fun at the monument


And we finished an amazing trip, eating sushi ❤️ All the pictures are taken by Jonathan Segev Jørgensen and belongs to him only. Copying is not allowed.



Self-spoiling and Reality night

Yesterday I had an appointment with Michael who is my body-sds therapist, because I have been having some problems with my jaws and bag lately. He is AMAZING! I already feel there’s been a difference since last time I was there, and he could feel it in my body as well. I’m not gonna lie, it f(word) hurts! But afterwards I always feel like I’m in a trance or in a meditation, I’m so relaxed. I love when I’m done, I don’t really love the whole pain-part .. – yet, but maybe someday it’ll be different.


Later I had a date with myself, getting some homework done, practising songs and texts, for later to dress up, and go to my schools ‘open stage’ on Fridays. The theme this time was reality, which basically means, that everybody dresses up to look like someone who could become a reality star.. I went with the to much makeup, fake-lashes and duck face- look (check below) and had a great evening with classmates, old friends and getting to learn new people as well. Hope you had a fantastic evening yesterday – I sure did!

Reality night

Reality night

Today I’m having 6 mini-shows at the Tivoli gardens, with Rasmus klump (nalle, Petzi, Erasmus, The Lump).

Silan Maria

Silan Maria